Delhi Traffic Police intended to install OSVD (Over Speed Violation Detection) System at 100 Locations in Delhi. The scope of the project was “Purchase, installation and maintenance of “ANPR Based Automatic Over Speed Violation Detection with Vehicle Registration Number Plate Recognition and Prosecution System (Gantry/Cantilever Mounted) to cover 100 locations” having Radar Based Technology.

This is one of its first kind of project in Delhi wherein Speed Violation at the designated locations are automatically detected by the state-of-art system using 3D Radar& ANPR Camera as Non-Intrusive sensors. The system installed is used to detect Speed Violation (Spot). The OSVD System capable of capturing multiple infracting vehicles simultaneously in different lanes on each arm at any point of time with relevant infraction data.

The system is equipped with a 20MP camera system to record a digitized image and video of the violation, covering the violating vehicle. The OSVD system is also equipped with variable power – variable focal length type IR Illuminator to ensure clear images of both retro reflective and non-retro reflective number plates, during day & night time. The OSVD System also facilitates generation of E-Challan along with image of violating vehicles & other mandatory details. Delhi Traffic Police OSVD project thus acts as deterrent for the Road users to follow and abide by traffic rules.

Agencies Involved:
Nodal Agency - Delhi Traffic Police
Implementation Agency - ENVOYS Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Technology Partner- LOGIPIX INDIA PVT. LTD
Major Milestone
  • 11th November 2019– Work order for Purchase, installation and maintenance of “Automatic Over Speed Violation Detection with Vehicle Registration Numbe
  • 18th March 2020- Completion of SITC of Over Speed Violation Detection at 100 Locations.
ATCS Project: Major System Components
ANPR Cameras – 100 No.
3D RADAR – 100 No.
IR Flash – 100 No.
LNVR – 100 No.
Completion Certificate

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