Pelican Solution is designed keeping in view of all safety and technical features required for Pedestrian Movements. It is suitable for installations at Zebra crossings or Mid-Blocks (one-way roads). Pelican Controller facilitates safe passage of pedestrian as and when required and uninterrupted passage of vehicles, till there are no pedestrian to cross the road. A Pelican solution comprises of a pair of poles, each with a standard set of vehicular traffic light (R-A-G) facing on comping traffic, a standard set of pedestrian traffic lights (R-G), Pelican Controller with built in Push Button, Audio Alarm in the form of Buzzer for visually impaired and Visual Indication in the form of illuminated coloured STOP/WALK Icons, facing the pedestrian from across the road. 

A typical layout of Pelican Junction is depicted in the picture.

Two Pelican Controllers with push buttons are installed at Cantilever or Standard poles at both side of road as shown in pic -2. The controller runs in two stages one is Vehicular and second is pedestrian. RED MAN & WALKING GREEN MAN traffic lights are provided for pedestrian crossing across Zebra crossing. Poles for vehicular traffic are installed before and after zebra crossing for better visibility for road users.

This arrangement provides the facility to registered pedestrian demand by pressing the push button provided on the pelican controller from either side of the Road. Registered Pedestrian demand is catered to after minimum GREEN time and Pedestrian GREEN Phase is activated to provide safe passage to the pedestrians. Once the PedestrianGreen Phase is over, Vehicular movement starts automatically.

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