Over Speed Violation Detection System (OSVD)

Violating Traffic Rules is increasingly becoming a critical problem in modern urban environment. Envoys through its Over Speed Violation Detection Solution has the contemporary answer for how to maintain traffic safety in everyday life. Fast reaction to traffic violation and prevention of the traffic offences are the keys to ensure vehicle safety and human life. Envoys end-to-end OSVD Solution has been designed specifically this aspect in mind. 

The major benefits of OSVD Solution from Envoys are – (A) Single 20MP camera which covers multiple lane and provides recognizable license plates in all light conditions. (B) Automatic Video Content analysis to capture offending vehicles. (C) Scalable System Structure upto 1000 of Cameras in one system. (D) Highly optimize, efficient violation management. 


Envoys OSVD Solution comprises of 20MP ANPR Camera, 3D Radar, Variable Power-Variable Focal Length IR Flash, State-of-the-art LNVR, 3G/4G Network Infrastructure and Command & Control Centre with OSVD/ANPR Servers and Operator’s workstations. 3D Radar is used to record the speed of vehicle very accurately within ±2 KMPH. The typical block diagram of Envoys OSVD Solution with field side and Control Room Layout is as shown below block diagram. 

Violation Report



OSVD Command & Control Centre helps in monitoring speed violations within the city and the generation of E-Challan for the offenders through OSVD Application Software.

Command & Control Centre allows - 

•    Processing and validation of Violation instances.
•    Generation of E-Challan for the offenders. 
•    Provides a deterrent to Road Traffic Users for adherence to traffic rules.    

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