PATNA ITMS project was for Adaptive Traffic Control System which included Installation of Traffic Lights, Vehicle Detection Cameras and establishment of Control Room in Patna City under the BUIDCo.

Patna ITCS project was awarded to M/s. Envoys Electronics Pvt. Ltd. as a consortium partner for supply & installation of Adaptive Traffic Controller, Hi Brite Traffic Lights, Vehicle Detection Cameras in Patna City at 97 Junctions. 

Major Milestone
  • 19th December 2014– LOI for Supply & Installation of Patna ITCS Project from Prime Contractor.
  • 15th April 2016- Completion of Patna ITCS Project at 97 Junctions.
Typical System Layout
ATCS Project: Major System Components
Adaptive Traffic Controller
Hi-Brite LED based Traffic Signal Lights
Camera based Vehicle detection sensors.
Completion Certificate

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